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  • Be the Key Facilitator and Reference Point for highest standards of research in Corporate Law, Governance and Insolvency in India.
  • To be the Centre of Excellence.


  • To foster a culture of good governance, voluntary compliance and facilitate effective participation of different stakeholders
  • Focused research on the relation between social changes and the corporation.
  • To look beyond the black box of the corporation and research the role of the main corporate actors, including the board, shareholders, supervisors as well as the role of public and private regulation in relation to corporations. 
  • The contribute in the development of Insolvency laws with sense of directions.


  • To carry out research in Corporate, Insolvency and allied Laws.
  • To organize/conduct academic oriented programs.
  • To provide legal infrastructure to the corporate sector.
  • To design the research proposals and carry out research in strategic areas of public policy on corporate governance.
  • To analyze critically, the trends and developments in the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance in India and abroad.
  • To identify training and development needs of the officials of the legal, regulatory agencies associated with implementation of Corporate and Competition Laws including its rules, regulations and guidelines.