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The Placement Cell of Chanakya National Law University aims to connect students and prospective recruiters. 

Recruitment Coordination Committee

The Recruitment CoordinationCommittee in CNLU is a six member committee consisting of the students of theBatch of 2020 aimed at connecting students and prospective employers.

The Committee cordially invitesall the interested organizations to participate in the recruitment processes ofthe University and provide a platform to the students of CNLU to prove theircapability.  The recruitment process inCNLU is governed by rules and regulations framed by recruitment coordination committeein consultation with the university’s administration. The process is triggeredwith the interest in the organization in recruiting the students. For this purpose,the respective organization can interact with the students and committee forthe same. They are welcome to follow their own process broadly within theframework of Group discussions, written tests, and interviews either personalor telephonic or by video conferencing. The Recruitment Coordination committee shall ensure that the processtakes place in a fair and organized manner so as to protect the interest of therecruiters as well as students.

The interested organizations arefurther encouraged to have a pre-placement talk with the interested students ofthe University. As a part of the recruitment policy, the recruiters are furtherrequested to disclose the results of the final recruitment within theprescribed time. The RCC prohibits the direct communication between studentsand prospective recruiters and rather ensures every correspondence to be donethrough the committee only.

Email id [email protected]

For further details, kindly contact:

Placement Convenor 

Prof. Dr. Ajay Kumar
Contact no. - + 91 9430470747
E-mail id - [email protected];

Placement Coordiantor 

Dr. Shweta Vats
Contact no. + 91 9326629450 
E-mail id -

Internship Coordiantor 

Ms. Kirti 
Contact no. + 91 8210142591 
E-mail id - [email protected]

Recruitment Coordination Committee Members

Sourav Kumar -  + 91 9097549320
Sneha Singh - + 91 7739467333 
Samar Pratap Singh - + 91 9934282899 
Neha - + 91 9155178983 
Saumya Snehal - + 91 6202464385


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